A1 Year 1 Session 1 Saturdays

Beginners A1 Italian Year 1 Session 1 launches with the very basics: Ciao. Come stai? and introduces the fundamentals of pronunciation and simple grammar such as: nouns, indefinite & definite articles, present tense verbs, possessives, interrogatives, and prepositions.  Classes are immersion, with minimal English spoken by the end of the session, and very interactive as you use what you have learned in conversations with the teacher and other students.

This is the 1st course out of three for year one.

Start Date: Saturday, October 19th

Time: 10:30pm

Place: Italia In Ohio
Conference room
4663 Executive Dr.
Columbus, OH 43220

Cost: $180.00 which includes a $10 donation to the church.

“Avanti!: Beginning Italian” 2nd edition is not included in the price of the course. If you would like to purchase a used copy for $30, please add it to your cart.Text book

To challenge yourself away from the classroom and workbook is available, but not required. To purchase a copy for $20, please add to your cart.