Beginer’s Italian Classes Start 14 January!

Let’s face it; winters in central Ohio are usually cold and damp and grey.  You really need to break the monotony and exercise your hibernating grey matter.  “Use it or lose it” as the saying goes.  Not just a catch phrase, there is ample research into the health benefits of learning a second language.

NEWS RELEASE WASHINGTON, D.C. — Want to protect against the effects of Alzheimer’s? Learn another language.  That’s the takeaway from recent brain research, which shows that bilingual people’s brains function better and for longer after developing the disease.  Psychologist Ellen Bialystok and her colleagues at York University in Toronto recently tested about 450 patients who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Beyond the physical health benefits their are the enhancements to your mood.  Italian language classes at Italia in Ohio are interactive with an emphasis on social interaction.  You with be in class learning and practicing your newly-found language skills with other adults.  In-classroom work is augmented with periodic “Parliamo”, get-togethers at a local Italian restaurant or gelateria to practice what you have learned and pick up some additional phrases.

You will learn a lot more than grammar and vocabulary lists.  You will immerse yourself in Italian culture including the rich history, the art and music, and naturally – the food!  There is so much to learn and you will have the perfect teacher for the class, Samanta Buffa.  She taught in Siena Italy, in the US at Bucknell and at OSU, and for the past three year here at Italia in Ohio.

So join our welcoming crew of Italophiles starting this January 14th. Italian for Beginners Year 1 Session one will meet at 6:00 PM for 10 weeks in our conference room 9.  After that most students continue onto sessions 2 and 3 to complete our school year. Samanta is expecting you!

To enroll in the class and experience that will last a lifetime click: HERE

Phone us if you would like additional details: 614.538.8000.

Gift certificates are available.  No worry about the size; one class fits all!

Ci vediamo presto!