The Giants of Italian Art

A stroll through the art history of Florence, Rome, and Venice.

Come along with noted art scholar Rosa Di Grottole as she guides us through the streets and galleries of these cities, filled with classic art. Sunday afternoon 17 November.

If you are planning a trip to Italy this will prepare you for the greatest understanding and enjoyment. And if you just have a thirst for knowledge, this class will both teach and entertain.

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Cool Summer School!


Boot Camp Italian for absolute beginners: Classes are 90 minutes and meet twice each week. There are three sequential 4-week sessions so you will have 12 hours in class per session – plus a bit of homework. Start with Session 1 and progress as far as you wish.

Each month’s session (July, August, and September) builds on the previous so sessions cannot be skipped, i.e. students could not take July, skip August, and return for September. Students could, however, take sessions only in July, or in July and August. This intensive immersion technique will kick-start your learning process and perhaps have you dreaming in Italian.

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Already speak Italian but wish to practice and learn more?
Take the Summer Sessions for Year 1, 2, 3, or 4:

Years 1 (90 min. class) 2, 3, and 4 (2-hour class) are held once each week, refreshing what students learned during the school year and taking those topics to a higher level. Summer Year 1 is a follow-up to Year 1 and a bridge to Year 2 that begins in October. Likewise, Summer Year 2 is a review and a bridge to Year 3, Summer Year 3 is a bridge to Year 4, and Summer Year 4 is a bridge to Scopriamo di più or to Italiano Avanzato.

Each 4-week session for Summer Years 1, 2, 3, and 4 are distinct, non-sequential, and topics differ among them. Therefore students could elect to take 1 session, 2 sessions, or sessions in all three months.

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Art History of Florence, Rome, and Venice

Art in the Italian Renaissance

Take a stroll through Florence and Rome, and a paddle through Venice, in these 2.5 hour art history presentations by Rosa Di Grottole.

Have you ever dreamed of wandering through Florence, Rome & Venice in one day? Are you ready to live the magic of the Italian beauty in a Spring afternoon?

The next classes that Rosa has prepared are going to make those dreams true. You will stroll through streets and museums that are in the most important Italian cities. You will visit Museums & Galleries, you will see the great artworks in the Vatican and in the Uffizi, and all the Italian masterpieces.

The beauty of the Popes in Rome, Medici in Florence and Doges in Venice is waiting for you.

Please join us at Italia in Ohio, in English, April 28 at 3:30!

Avete mai sognato di visitare Roma, Venezia e Firenze in un giorno? Siete pronti per vivere la magia della bellezza italiana in un pomeriggio di primavera?

Le prossime lezioni di Rosa sono nate proprio per avverare questo desiderio!

Per qualche ora passeggerete tra le strade e i musei delle tre città più conosciute d’Italia. Entrerete in Musei & Gallerie, conoscerete le opere d’arte del Vaticano, degli Uffizi e i capolavori della grandiosa storia dell’arte italiana.

La Roma dei Papi, la Firenze dei Medici e la Venezia dei Dogi vi aspettano con tutta la loro meraviglia.

Ci vediamo negli uffici di Italia in Ohio per la presentazione in italiano il 14 aprile. Registratevi ora! I posti sono limitati!

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Your guide: Rosa Di Grottole

Italia in Ohio
4663 Executive Drive, Columbus, OH 43220