The healthy Italian diet

Eat Mediterranean diet for a healthier and younger brain

Healthy diet

This latest Mediterranean diet research builds on other evidence that the diet is likely the way to go.
It has also been shown as a key to helping you live longer.
It helps you manage your weight better and can lower your risk for cancer, and cardiovascular diseases.


Italian Festival

The Columbus Italian Festival was better than ever this year – more like a cultural event and less like a small town carnival.  In the Culture Tent there were 30 minute segments including Italian language mini-lessons, cooking demonstrations, Italian influences on American postage, Italian parables, and more.  If you missed it this year you missed a great event.

Festival Kam


As usual, the week following the Festival is the start of our “school year” with Italian classes in 5 locations around Columbus.  The levels range from Harpo (speaking no Italian – get it?) to Groucho (a glib tongue but needing a refresher).  The workbooks are $12 for the 30-week programs.

Do you want to exercise what you already know and add to your command of Italian?  Then join our merry band of Italophiles.  Here are the class details:

There are classes for all levels; select a class level and location and then sign-up at:

Italian Lite: 3 sessions starting October 17/18
Each 10 week session: $120, One 60 min. class/wk
Saturday 1PM, St. John the Baptist
Sunday 4PM, Bishop Watterson High School

Italian Year 1: 3 sessions starting October 18/19
Each 10 week session: $185, Two 60 min. classes/wk
Sun & Wed 6PM, Sun at IIOLLC & Wed The Forum, or
Mon & Wed 6PM, Mon at IIOLLC & Wed The Forum

Italian Year 2: 3 sessions starting October 19
Each 10 week session: $185, Two 60 min. classes/wk
Mon & Wed 7:30PM, Italia in Ohio office

Italian Year 3: 3 sessions starting October 20
Each 10 week session: $185, Two 60 min. classes/wk
Tue & Thur 7PM, Wesley Glen

Advanced Italian: 10 sessions starting October 25
Each 4 weeks: $60, One 90 min. class/wk
Sun 5:30, Bishop Watterson High School

Travelers Italian: 1 session starting (TBD)
Each 2 day session: $75, Two 120 min. classes
See for schedule.

Study Abroad in Salerno: Starting June 4, 2016
1 week: $1950; 2 weeks: $2810
Classes, excursions, hotel, & most meals included.
All abilities accommodated. See literature for details.

Cuciniamo con Samanta: starting November/December
Each 4 weeks: $150, One 90+ min. class/wk
See for schedule.

St. John: 168 E. Lincoln, Cols 43215
The Forum: 4590 Knightsbridge Blvd, Cols 43214
Wesley Glen (Guild Room): 5155 N. High, Cols 43214
Bishop Watterson: 99 E. Cooke Rd, Cols 43214
Italia in Ohio (Conference): 4663 Executive Dr, Cols 43220

-> 614.538.8000; 614.214.9087