Italian Festival

The Columbus Italian Festival was better than ever this year – more like a cultural event and less like a small town carnival.  In the Culture Tent there were 30 minute segments including Italian language mini-lessons, cooking demonstrations, Italian influences on American postage, Italian parables, and more.  If you missed it this year you missed a great event.

Festival Kam


As usual, the week following the Festival is the start of our “school year” with Italian classes in 5 locations around Columbus.  The levels range from Harpo (speaking no Italian – get it?) to Groucho (a glib tongue but needing a refresher).  The workbooks are $12 for the 30-week programs.

Do you want to exercise what you already know and add to your command of Italian?  Then join our merry band of Italophiles.  Here are the class details:

There are classes for all levels; select a class level and location and then sign-up at:

Italian Lite: 3 sessions starting October 17/18
Each 10 week session: $120, One 60 min. class/wk
Saturday 1PM, St. John the Baptist
Sunday 4PM, Bishop Watterson High School

Italian Year 1: 3 sessions starting October 18/19
Each 10 week session: $185, Two 60 min. classes/wk
Sun & Wed 6PM, Sun at IIOLLC & Wed The Forum, or
Mon & Wed 6PM, Mon at IIOLLC & Wed The Forum

Italian Year 2: 3 sessions starting October 19
Each 10 week session: $185, Two 60 min. classes/wk
Mon & Wed 7:30PM, Italia in Ohio office

Italian Year 3: 3 sessions starting October 20
Each 10 week session: $185, Two 60 min. classes/wk
Tue & Thur 7PM, Wesley Glen

Advanced Italian: 10 sessions starting October 25
Each 4 weeks: $60, One 90 min. class/wk
Sun 5:30, Bishop Watterson High School

Travelers Italian: 1 session starting (TBD)
Each 2 day session: $75, Two 120 min. classes
See for schedule.

Study Abroad in Salerno: Starting June 4, 2016
1 week: $1950; 2 weeks: $2810
Classes, excursions, hotel, & most meals included.
All abilities accommodated. See literature for details.

Cuciniamo con Samanta: starting November/December
Each 4 weeks: $150, One 90+ min. class/wk
See for schedule.

St. John: 168 E. Lincoln, Cols 43215
The Forum: 4590 Knightsbridge Blvd, Cols 43214
Wesley Glen (Guild Room): 5155 N. High, Cols 43214
Bishop Watterson: 99 E. Cooke Rd, Cols 43214
Italia in Ohio (Conference): 4663 Executive Dr, Cols 43220

-> 614.538.8000; 614.214.9087

Italian Festivities Start Tonight!

This year Italia in Ohio will be in 2 locations at the Festival. In the Culture Tent (near the limoncello and grappa guys (go figure!) for the language and cooking demos and also in Tent A opposite the music tent for children classes and mask making. Lisa and Ellie will be handling the children’s area but they could use some help – y’all come. Contact Sergio at 614.906.9087 or 614.214.9087.

Festival Map