Essere bilingue ha un sacco di vantaggi

Essere bilingue ha un sacco di vantaggi:
il linguaggio che usi cambia la tua visione del mondo



Common but a bit odd verb forms

Our Sunday advanced class combined the usual conversations including “what will I do on summer vacation” (Scuola a Salerno for some!) with a dissection and practice of i verbi pronominali – andarsene, cavarsela, farcela, etc.  Example conjugation attached here, as well as a link to the song “Me ne vado”.


Alla prossima settimana!

In the mood for something different?

In the mood for a popular opera, but a bit different?
Bizet’s “Carmen” is wonderful but if your Spagnolo is rusty . . .

. . .  then visit this Youtube site where the entire opera is shown with Italian subtitles.: