Starbucks a Milano? Orrori!!!

The Starbucks ideal had been an authentic Italian experience.  Then came the translation into an American experience (extra cream, sugar, and sprinkles please).  Now Starbucks wants to export their version back to the source.

Will is play in their home town?

Time will tell – from the internet today read:
Coffee Italian Style

Dove si mangia in Trastevere?

No one visits Rome without at least a few hours spent in the quirky Trastevere area.  Neat little boutiques, historical churches, fine osterie, and people who enjoy life day and (especially) night.

This PDF lists 11 great places to eat and goes in depth on one restaurant – Le Mani in Pasta

See:  Trastevere Restaurants



La Spiaggia in Italia

The beaches in Italy are many and run from the north Mediterranean in Liguria, southward along the west coast, including Capri, the Amalfi coast, Sardegna and Sicilia, and back north along the Adriatic up to Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Some are stoney and some are sand.  Some are white and some are black. Some are heavily populated and some are deserted. Some are beautiful and some are even more beautiful!

For the best beaches with all the amenities click here -> Blue Flag Beaches
For the best secluded beaches just ask a local for directions to “una spiaggia appartata”.
And for some useful vocabulary, print and take this along: La spiaggia in Italia.

Enjoy a view of the sea, great food and wine, and drink in the culture of a laid-back Italy.

Non ti preoccupare. Siate felici!