Boot Camp

Session 1,2,3

Topics will start at the beginning: the alphabet and the sounds, escalate to words and phrases, and finish with the ability to handle simple dialog in Italian.

Boot Camp Italian for absolute beginners: Classes are 90 minutes and meet twice each week. There are three sequential 4-week sessions so you will have 12 hours in class per session – plus a bit of homework. Start with Session 1 and progress as far as you wish.

Each month’s session (July, August, and September) builds on the previous so sessions cannot be skipped, i.e. students could not take July, skip August, and return for September. Students could, however, take sessions only in July and August. This intensive immersion technique will kick-start your learning process and perhaps have you dreaming in Italian.

Classes are held on Monday and Wednesday from 5 to 6.30pm.

JULY, Session 1

AUGUST, Session 2

SEPTEMBER, Session 3