Un Viaggio in Toscana con Rosa

A trip to Italy is on everyone’s list of things to do. Each region has many delightful aspects and in Toscana the top draws are Renaissance art (works by Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo Da Vinci, Botticelli, Giambologna, Bernini, and so many more) and a history rich with powerful families (Medici, Pitti, Sforza, Orsini), intrigue, religion, and cut-throat (literally) politics.  Add to these aspects the enchanting countryside, the preserved architecture, and the fabulous food, and you would have a most memorable trip.

But wait – that’s not all!

Our guide will be the art scholar Rosa Di Grottole. She will introduce us to the works of the masters and also to her friends because Rosa lived and worked in several of the key cities in Tuscany. We will experience the history and culture of the Italian Renaissance first hand, like a native.  And each day we will have a class pertaining the Italian grammar and to the sites that we will visit.  This will be a “study abroad” program as never before offered.

The tours and instruction will be in Italian so expect to be immersed both in the Italian language and Italian culture.  You will return home with an experience that will last a lifetime and with a better command of Italian than you might have thought possible.

Our trip will include the instruction classes, your hotel, many meals, coach and train tickets, entrances to the museums, and more.  As for the cities, click on this link -> Video to see a few glimpses of where we will be going and what we will be doing.

In just 9 days you will have seen more of Tuscany and learned more about the language and art and culture in Renaissance Italy than if you had spent months studying back home.  This trip is a living experience.  It is more than just immersion, you will become a part of the Italian lifestyle.

The trip for Italian speakers with moderate to fluent capability departs Columbus on 4 June 2019.  A second trip for basic to moderate fluency would depart 13 June.  We could book your flights specific to this event or you could embed this fabulous opportunity within or on either end of an extended trip in Europe.  The land package charge includes charges for hotel, trains, entrance fees, most meals, and Rosa as a native language teacher and art expert.

Contact us for a detailed brochure.  Attendees are limited to just 10 people. Reserve your spot by 31 December to ensure inclusion in this trip and to lock in your price. Cost for the land package is just $3280.  For additional information click below on “Study Abroad 2019”.

Study Abroad 2019

A stroll through art history

Three delightful and informative days spent strolling through the art of yesterday in the Italian cities of today: Florence, Venice, and Rome.

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Keep learning!

An active mind is a healthy mind.  Learning a second language has been proven to benefit intelligence, memory and concentration, and it lowers risks of dementia and Alzheimer’s.  And oh yes – it is a whole lot of fun.  Learning Italian in particular offers the advantage of increasing your appreciation of other aspects of your life, things like music, art, architecture, law, fashion, travel, food/wine, and history.

There are many options available through Italia in Ohio classes; select as many as your time schedule permits.  Years 1, 2, 3, and Advanced Italian are already underway but more options abound:

  • Italian Year 1 Session 1 will start in mid-January and run for 10 weeks. 
    Two such sessions are running concurrently now and in January a third will start in time for attendees with New Year’s Resolutions.
    You will learn to greet people in everyday settings, order in restaurants & shop, plus more. Vocabulary will be limited but flexible and applicable to many situations. Very interactive as you will be conversing with the teacher and each other starting in the first class. Next stop – Italia!

  • Italian for Travelers will start in mid-January and run for 3 consecutive Saturdays. Another series will follow in March.
    This travel prep class will focus on basic vocab, helpful verbs, and travel conversation. You will learn how to navigate the extensive Italian train system and how to ask for directions and for help in a medical difficulty. And you will learn about that most wonderful of Italian topics – food – from regional specialties to types of restaurants to dining etiquette.

  • Art History and Culture
    The first 3-Sunday series starts December 3rd (Florence, Rome, and Venice) and the second in January (Lucca, Siena, Pisa), and more after that running through winter and spring.  Themes will center around artists, regions, and historical family dynasties. Your guide will be Rosa Di Grottole, a native Italian and art scholar.
    Watch our web site for details.  Register now for the December class: REGISTER

The more you learn the greater will be your understanding of the land and its people, and the more you will enjoy your travels there.

Ci vediamo presto in classe – see you soon in class!


watch for details coming soon on our Study & Travel Abroad program for next June