Our language course plan accommodates all levels of speaking ability! From those who are brand-new beginners, to those who learned a little Italian at home, and those who can hold a conversation! The classes size averages 12 students. This allows our courses to be engaging and highly participatory. Students will leave with practical knowledge of conversational Italian. Come prepared to enjoy the process of learning Italian by conversing with your classmates!

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Italian for Travelers: 

Want to learn more about traveling in Italy?  Join us for Travelers Italian this March in a series of three classes covering language skills, navigating the roads and railways, shopping, and how to handle emergencies.

This course will meet at 1:00PM, March 15th, 22nd, and 29th for 90 minutes.
3-day session tuition: $99. 

Travelers class March 15, 22, 29th at Italia in Ohio

I Verbi Italiani

Sundays, 3:30 at Italia In Ohio

A1 il Primo Anno – The First Year!

Year 1 is the perfect introduction to the Italian language. It is meant for the absolute beginner or for someone who years ago learned a bit in school or from aging relatives. You will learn to greet people in everyday settings, order in restaurants & shop, plus more. Vocabulary will be limited but flexible and applicable to many situations. Each session will build upon what was learned in the previous session. Classes are 90 minutes.

 Anno 1 Session 2, Wednesdays, 7:00pm at Italia In Ohio

Anno 1 Session 3, Mondays, 5:30pm at Italia In Ohio

Anno 1 Session 3, Wednesdays, 5:30pm at Italia In Ohio

Anno 1 Session 3, Saturdays, 2:30pm at Italia In Ohio

A2 il Secondo Anno – The Second Year!

Italian (A2 Year 2): Building on what you learned in Year 1 you will develop an even wider range of vocabulary, permitting you to discuss many aspects of life and to express your personal opinions. Conversation & grammar skills will be held on Thursdays & Saturdays.

Please note both session 3 classes will total 15 hours.

Anno 2 Session 3, (10 weeks) Thursdays, 5:30-7:00pm at Italia In Ohio

Anno 2 Session 3, (8 weeks) Saturdays, 12:45-2:30pm at Italia In Ohio

B1 IL Terzo Anno – The Third Year!

Italian (B1 Year 3): You will expand your ability to hold conversations as well as expressing your likes and dislikes.  On Fridays you will be working on conversation and grammar skills. You will focus on a wide range of Italian topics.

Anno 3 Session 3, Mondays 7:00-8:45pm at Italia In Ohio

B2 IL Quarto Anno – The Forth Year!

The forth year will give you the finishing touches on the formal & informal imperative. Along with subjunctive vs indicative. This class will meet for 105 minutes.

Anno 4 Session 3, Tuesdays, 6:30pm at Italia In Ohio.

C1 Scopriamo di Più – The Fifth Year!

The fifth year will tackle many language enhancements, giving the students a more complete understanding of written and spoken Italian.  You will encounter a variety of topics from classic literature to current events, expanding your vocabulary and understanding.

Anno 5 Session 3, Thursdays, 7:00pm at Italia In Ohio.

E molto di più – Italian Advanced!

You are done with the grammar book but you are looking for more practice? In the advanced classes we will explore the subtle nuances of tense and shadings of word meanings. Classes in these 4-week sessions will be 90 minutes and will combine grammar investigations with conversations and practical applications. This class will encourage you to incorporate Italian in your daily routine, by reading or listening to Italian books, watch Italian movies and tv shows that we will then discuss together. Presentation will be 95% in Italian and the focus will be on Italian culture and everyday life. Session tuition $90

Advanced Session: Tuesdays 6:30-8:00 at casa di Samanta

Art History & Culture

Italian art history class will be like a stroll to the master pieces of Florence, Venice & Rome. You will be immersed in 300 years of art history.