B1 Year 3


In B1 year three (Anno 3) session 3, is the last session for 1 year 3. You will continue to learn the future, object pronouns, indefinite pronouns, indefinite adjectives, imperfect vs pasato prossimo, piacere verb, irregular comparatives, double object pronouns, present conditional, informal imperative. This 10 week class meets on Tuesdays for 2 hours.

Date: March 19th

Time: 6:00pm

Place: Italia In Ohio, LLC
4663 Executive Dr.
Columbus, OH 43221

Cost: $210.00

Required text “Avanti!: Beginning Italian” 2nd edition is not included in the price of the course. If you would like to reserve a used copy for $30, please select the “Buy Now.”Text book

To practice on your own, a workbook is available for purchase for $20.00.

Workbokk 3